Fax to EmailFax Services

Do you find that you are constantly missing faxes? How many times do people call to tell you that they are trying to send a fax, but your line is constantly busy? Have you ever thought of how great it would be to retrieve your faxes form any location?

Fax to E-mail

This service will help you to retrieve faxes easily, with no problems or hassles, and you will never be missing a fax again.

CVC will provide you with a private personal fax number. All faxes can be sent directly to your e-mail address. This is a fool proof process and you are able to view them from any PC.

Virtual Fax

If you are not near a computer or a printer, you can remotely change the location and phone number that your faxes can be delivered to by simply dialing you private fax number, log into your user options and add the locations fax number. For example; home, Kinko's, Office Max, a friendís house or where ever you have access to a fax machine.