Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The first way for your business to survive any disaster is to be prepared. The second is to maintain communications between you, your employees and your customers….

Is your business prepared for a disaster?  Whether it is a natural disaster, fire or otherwise, will your clients be able to contact your business?

I am sure you have systems in place to protect your computer information and to back-up for your data, but what about you phone lines and you telephone system?

If your phone lines go down, how can a clients contact you?  How can they leave messages for you or your staff?  How can they find out information about your services or your business?

Here is how… Clear Voice Communications, Inc. can provide you with what ever you need to help your business contacts going…

After your phone company is notified of the disaster, your main business phone line can be automatically forwarded to a phone number we will provide you with. We will take your calls for you, take messages or route your callers to you on a cell phone, home phone or any location you choose. You can even receive faxes from you callers and have them e-mailed to any email address. Never miss a call, or a fax and keep you business running. As far as a caller knows…it’s “business as usual”. Private mailboxes can be set up for each employee so you are able to maintain contact and send important messages. You can broadcast pertinent information to all of your employees.

Don’t be unprepared! Call us for your free business evaluation and price quote.