SmartCom Live

Live Operator Answering Service

Your callers are directed to the Live operators through one of the following:

  • Your callers can call the number directly by dialing your assigned telephone number.
  • Your telephone lines are configured to forward calls to the live operators when the lines are all busy, or when the telephones are not answered.
  • You transfer callers to the live operators.

After reaching the live operators, callers will be handled differently depending on the scripting you have requested. Twenty-four hours a day, callers can speak with a Live Operator

For example a live operator can do any of the following:

  • Answer the phone with a friendly customized answer phrase
  • The answer phrase used can be changed throughout the day. For example, different phrases for times when you are gone to lunch, gone for the day, or gone for the weekend.
  • Type messages for you to receive by email, fax, or text message on your cell phone.
  • Live call patching. “One moment please, while I transfer you to . . .”. Your live personal secretary then calls you and asks if you would like to speak with the “caller” and then patches the caller to you.
  • Call Screening (the live secretary can tell you who is calling before you are connected with the caller)
  • Message Notification (messages can be delivered instantly)
  • Q & A scripting

Answering Service Features

  • Live Operator with excellent voice quality answers your phone
  • Live Dispatcher will immediately call a cell phone, pager, office/home phone or any device of your choice to deliver your message and will try multiple devices over minutes or hours as you choose.

Message Delivery

  • Email text message to PC or Cell phone
  • Patched immediately through to your office phone or cell phone
  • Faxed
  • Alpha Paged
  • Call in and Pick Up