Virtual Telephone Answering Service

Call Clear Voice Communications will assign you a telephone number for you to use. The number can than be used by you 24 hours a day as a business number that people call directly, or as a number that you forward your current business phone number.  Instead of that number ringing a single telephone line at your location, it will ring to your virtual receptionist.  Your virtual receptionist will then answer the caller with your personal and customized greeting.  You will be able accept multiple simultaneous calls to your telephone number so that your callers will never receive a busy signal. 

Your callers are directed to the virtual receptionist through one of the following:

  • Your callers can call your virtual receptionist directly by dialing the assigned telephone number.
  • Your telephone lines are configured to forward calls to the virtual receptionist when the lines are all busy, or when the telephones are not answered.
  • You transfer callers to the virtual receptionist.

After reaching the virtual receptionist, callers will be handled differently depending on the configuration you have requested.  Twenty-four (24) hours a day, callers can listen to pre-recorded information, receive fax documents, be transferred to you, leave you a message, have you paged, or interact with your virtual receptionist in some other way.

Virtual Answering Service Features

If you don't think that SmartCom is the answer, SmartCom Pro might be better suited for your needs.  You can also check our our Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Office products.