Live Service

Live Service... as low as $29.95

Our highly trained, professional, Service Operators are courteous, prompt and available 24/7. Bilingual operators are also available. Your calls will be answered to your specifications.  Prior to activation of your service, you will be asked a series of questions to determine how your calls will be handled. Once your conditions are established, our operators will always answer your calls to your exact requirements. Your messages will be delivered to you promptly, with your choice of several different methods. You may select from, Fax, E-mail, alpha or digital pager, text to mobile, or phone.

Automated Service...  as low as $9.95

A fully automated service will provide you with the same professional, quality service can get with our live service, without a live service intervention. You can stay connected with your clients, family or friends wherever you are. This user friendly service is simple to use and can be professionally recorded for you.  You may select from a variety of customized options, such as “urgent message delivery”, “call alert”, “call patching” and “voice or fax to email”, just to name a few, while utilizing your existing phones or pager. This service will save you hundreds if your currently using a live service.

Automated to Live...

This service allows you the best of both worlds. You can utilize our Automated Services as well as the Live Service, on an as needed basis.  All calls are answered through your Automated Service. However, you can instruct your callers to push a button on their telephone, which will then transfer them to a live operator for assistance.  Providing an option for urgent matters, emergency calls or, VIP’s reduces the amount of calls handled strictly by your Live Service. This will save you money while giving your routine callers the attention they require via the Automated Service.
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